About TrueNorth

Kelsey–Seybold Clinic

Kelsey–Seybold Clinic is Houston, Texas’ premier community–based physician group, offering the services of more than 300 physicians in over 40 medical specialties. The Clinic’s 18 locations serve over 300,000 patients each year, including members of managed care plans and employer groups. Rebecca Leal, Director of Corporate Executive and Wellness Programs, and her account services team oversee all outside employer group services, including pre–placement exams, drug screens and immunization programs as well as executive physicals.

The Challenge

clients-kelsey4The organization administers and tracks routine vaccinations and international travel immunizations for 500 client personnel. Despite the volume of data,
Kelsey–Seybold lacked a database and reporting methodology for tracking requirements. “Initially we used an Excel spreadsheet,” Leal recalls. “It didn’t have built in rules to tell us when something was due, so we would dig through the entire spreadsheet to identify due dates for scheduled vaccinations such as Hepatitis B.”

The Solution

Kelsey–Seybold selected TrueNorth to provide medical tracking for its client immunizations. When a client is seen at a Kelsey–Seybold facility, clinic personnel pull the patient’s electronic TrueNorth record to identify required immunizations and exams and then input updated information directly into the live database. Corporate account services personnel review composite online reports each week to notify clients of upcoming requirements. “With TrueNorth’s Traveler’s Medical Profile Report, we know at any given time which patients are due for what immunizations without having to cull through their actual medical records,” Leal observes.

The Results

“TrueNorth allows us to differentiate ourselves by giving us the ability to offer international travel immunization tracking to all of our employer groups rather than a select few that could be manually tracked,” remarks Leal. “We also have immediate access to TrueNorth’s expertise, so we modify our reporting as needed and ultimately improve the service we deliver to our clients.”