About TrueNorth

About Us

houstonTrueNorth is an Internet database service provider that offers a range of online Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) tracking options for driver qualifications, training, medical data, evaluations and endorsements, facility compliance, substance abuse program management and incident management.

Established in Houston, Texas in 1998, TrueNorth provides paperless, immediate access to compliance data, allowing clients to track and audit their compliance performance online in real time for 100% of their people and their locations.

Our Name

True north is the actual or geographic northernmost point on the planet — the top of the world. When people use a compass to find their way, the “north” indicated on the dial is actually the magnetic north pole, not true north. In fact, the nearer you are to geographic true north, the less accurate a conventional tool like a compass becomes.

To precisely calculate and reach true north requires sophisticated tools and calculations.

It’s a lot like the quest for ESH excellence. The further an organization advances its ESH efforts, the more inadequate conventional measurement tools such as accident and injury losses and regulatory citations become. ESH excellence requires a level of sophistication in metrics that few organizations possess on their own.

TrueNorth supplies the science that helps companies reach their own true north.