About TrueNorth

Driver Qualifications

TrueNorth’s Driver Qualifications File Management Service allows motor carriers to consolidate all of their driver qualifications documentation in a single Internet application.

At the touch of a button, clients can access pre-employment documentation or reoccurring requirements that cover a broad range of data for individual employees or entire locations.

Customers can respond to local or nationwide DOT audit requests with specific document images in a matter of minutes instead of days.

Automation and Algorithms

driver-1TrueNorth can work directly with the motor carrier’s background check provider to set up automated processes for pulling motor vehicle records and past employer inquiries directly into the system. When motor vehicle records are expiring, TrueNorth notifies both clients and their providers.

The system also maintains electronic versions of DOT random pools that can be fed to medical review officers.

TrueNorth’s algorithms for driver qualifications are designed to track both DOT requirements as well as non-DOT activities. For example, the system can track the driving records and insurance requirements of sales people in addition to DOT-regulated drivers. The application’s online accident register also tracks and sorts DOT and non-DOT accidents. With these incidents and other driver qualification data stored in the system, motor carriers can easily provide safety performance histories for terminated DOT-regulated drivers to prospective employers.