About TrueNorth

Medical Surveillance

medical-2TrueNorth provides Medical Tracking Services in three tiers to help clients manage employee data associated with pre-employment and periodic exams, monitoring and medical qualification decisions.

Tier One: Medical Data Management

medical-3This baseline service captures documentation for OSHA and DOT medical events as well as an organization’s best practices for medical care of their employees. Under this service, healthcare professionals around the world send documents to TrueNorth. The images are captured online and data entered into the database is compared against client needs using sophisticated algorithms.

Employers can know at a glance which individuals are medically qualified to perform their jobs and when retesting is due. Company-specific medical forms are stored online so only the most current version can be accessed. When a form is printed, it is pre-populated with the employee’s current and past medical data.

With Medical Data Management Services, employers can electronically meet OSHA’s requirement to keep employee records for the length of employment plus 30 years without worrying whether their healthcare provider (HCP) is maintaining proper documentation. Medical records transfer with the employee throughout the organization and are available in moments for historical reviews or use in litigation.

Tier Two: Medical Services Oversight

Clients who use Medical Data Management Services can also take advantage of TrueNorth’s Medical Services Oversight. Under this program, TrueNorth personnel review documentation submitted by the HCP to ensure that correct standards have been applied to judgments regarding qualifications for duty. If an error is discovered, both the employer and the provider are notified to correct the documentation. Because documents are imaged and indexed, TrueNorth can also supply HCPs with health information that was performed by another provider to improve qualification decisions.

Tier Three: Medical Staffing

For clients who require supplemental staffing, TrueNorth can function as an online medical department. TrueNorth can provide personnel with medical expertise who work directly with a client’s medical director or supply a physician who serves as an advisor. Under this program, TrueNorth supplies data management and oversight services and advises clients on hiring decisions and return-to-duty issues associated with health status. TrueNorth professionals are also available for OSHA inquiries or other regulatory reviews.