About TrueNorth

Training Tracking

training-1TrueNorth’s Training Tracking Service captures, tracks and reports data for virtually any kind of training event, including courses specified by regulation or those intended to meet internal company requirements.

Clients take advantage of TrueNorth’s expert system by defining content and frequency requirements for each type of training and each type of employee. After data and documentation from group rosters, individual forms or signoff sheets are in the database, the system notifies the employer of upcoming training requirements to ensure that individual employees and entire locations stay in compliance.

The Training Tracking Service is customizable. The database is designed to incorporate each client’s exact training terminology, so reports are easier for managers to use. The system includes forms that pre-populate with an employee’s information and specific training requirements, so rosters and checklists can be generated without worrying whether information is current or accurate. TrueNorth can also produce masked social security numbers or alternative IDs linked to social security numbers for forms and reports.

Types of Training Documented by TrueNorth

  • Orientation training
  • General safety
  • OSHA, DOT and EPA training
  • Management development
  • Human resources and legal
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Equipment training
  • Toxic/hazardous substances
  • Computer– based training interface